Enterprise Information Management

In recent times with the progress of Information Technologies and their widespread usage by the business enterprises and corporates in all domains and sizes have resulted into creation of highly varied data. Additionally emergence of connectedness with social and mobile technology outside and deployment of intelligent devices inside of the businesses have created lot of sources of relevant information. IT is a common knowledge that there is lot of potential values hidden within such information pools. Enterprise Information Management deals with extracting values from such diversified information siloes and put them to use for business decision making.


8. EIM

Microlines InfoTech’s EIM services involve practices and business processes to optimally manage varied information assets of an organization so that overall outcome of information usage improves the business objectives holistically. We provide assistance in set up of required technology infrastructure, implementing step by step procedures for improving business processes, establishing optimal management of enterprise contents consisting of structured and unstructured data, set up of business intelligence using various analytical approaches and optimising your customer experience with your business.