Internet Of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm opens the doors to new innovations that builds interactions among things and humans, and enables the realization of smart cities, infrastructures, and services for enhancing the quality of life and utilization of resources. IoT as an emerging paradigm supports integration, transfer, and analytics of data generated by smart devices (e.g., sensors).

In majority of the IoT domains such as infrastructure management and healthcare, the major role of IoT is the delivery of highly complex knowledge-based and action-oriented applications in real-time. To realize the full potential of the IoT paradigm, it is necessary to address several challenges and develop suitable conceptual and technological solutions for tackling them. These include development of scalable architecture, moving from closed systems to open systems, dealing with privacy and ethical issues involved in data sensing; storage, processing, and actions; designing interaction protocols; autonomic management; communication protocol; smart objects and service discovery; programming framework; resource management; data and network management; power and energy management; and governance.


Microlines InfoTech offers services by providing consulting, Solutioning and Implementing Transformational changes in the IOT Space leveraging our associations/relationship with Infrastructure OEM ecosystems, Our own Expertise and Experienced team capabilities and Deep Understanding of ERP, Custom Application Development capabilities for Business verticals like City Infrastructures, Healthcare, Manufacturing process automation along with Energy Industries.

Our expertise in following business domains in Application of IOT

  • Smart energy & utilitiesSmart buildings
  • Smart healthcare
  • Smart Education
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Smart retail
  • IT & telecom
  • Smart transportation

Our expertise can add great value in following services by efficient Application of IOT

  • Infrastructure management services
  • Security management services
  • Network management services
  • Data management services
  • Device management services